Flowerpop & the Handbag

Item code : HB16
Length : 44cm x 38cm
Price : SOLD

Flowerpop loves Fashion

Item code : HB15
Length : 44cm x 29cm
Price : SOLD

Flowerpop loves Michiko Michiko

Branded handbag for lover
Item code : HB14
Length : 36cm x 19cm
Price : SOLD

Flowerpop loves 2 in 1

This handbag is also can turn into backpack.
Item code : HB13
Length : 34cm x 30cm
Price : RM30 

Cute fashion handbag for fashionista

Item code : HB12
Length : 32cm x 14cm
Price : SOLD
*Due the camera setting the actual bag is more darker compare to the picture.

Flowerpop loves Elizabeth Arden

Authentic Elizabeth Arden handbag. Used for make-up / small items.
Code Item : HB11
Length : 24cm x 21cm
Price : RM20

Flowerpop uses Travel bag

Big compartment and care free travel beg. One of the holder is out of thread but it wont give big affect to the bag. 
Item code : SB02
Length : 85cm x 53cm
Price : RM20

Flowerpop got Pouchbag

Brand : Copernix Basic (Made in Korea)
Item code : GB01
Length : 37cm x 25cm
Price : RM20


Flowerpop loves Authentic Crocodile

Item code : HB10
Length : 20cm x 15cm
Size : Small
Price : RM40

Flowerpop supports Elite

Item code : HB09
Length : 32cm x 28cm x 41cm
Material : PVC
Price : RM20

Flowerpop loves Butterfly

Item code : HB08
Length : 43cm x 26cm
Material : Nylon
Price : RM20

Flowerpop loves Floral

Item code : HB07
Length : 37cm x 43cm
Price : RM20

Flowerpop loves Floral

Item code : HB06
Size : Medium
Price : RM20

Flowerpop loves Authentic Burberry!

Authentic Burberry blue label. Blue label Burberry handbag is made for Japan market.
Item code : HB05
Size : Medium
Price : SOLD

Flowerpop loves cute bag

Item code : HB04
Length : 29cm x 37cm
Material : Leather
Price : SOLD

HB03 Handbag

Item code : HB03
Material : Leather
Price : SOLD

HB02 Handbag

Item code : HB02
Price : SOLD

Flowerpop loves Tiger Stripes

Item code : HB01
Length : 29cm x 45cm
Material : Nylon
Price : SOLD